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Why Choose Milligan Dental Associates in Wichita, Kansas?

Out of all the dentists in Wichita, Kansas, why choose Milligan Dental Associates?

There are literally hundreds of dentists and dental offices in Wichita and south central Kansas to choose from. And on the surface they probably all look (and sound) about the same. So, we’re not about to make a claim that we’re different, or better, even though we’re very proud of our professional, courteous service we’ve been providing our patients for over 30 years.


Sometimes the best reference is from someone who’s already a patient. So, please feel free to read a few of our customer testimonials. We’re grateful that these patients, their generations of family and many others keep coming back to see us. Because our patients are more than just patients. They’re like family.


If you’d like to stop in and get to know us better, we’d love to meet you. You can contact us by email or phone. Whatever works for you.


Thank you for considering Milligan Dental Associates, and we hope to see you soon!